On Demand IT, Inc. is an outsourced IT provider servicing clients in and around the Portland / Vancouver area. We are a full service provider offering IT services to fit the needs of the client. We offer hosting packages, managed IT services, onsite managed and offsite cloud backup replication, pre-planned scheduled IT maintenance to break fix options. At On Demand IT we strive to partner with our clients to make the most of their IT dollars, ever mindful of the balance and need for security in an increasingly complex world of computers. We assist our clients in streamlining the management of their internal IT infrastructure and assist in maximizing the life-cycle of their hardware and software.

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Network issues arise, system failures occur, and sometimes you may have general questions regarding your hardware or network. On Demand IT is here to help both managed and un-managed customers quickly resolve technical issues, and get you back on the path to success.

You Can Steal Windows Login Credentials via Google Chrome and SCF Files – Bleeping Computer

"Just by accessing a folder containing a malicious SCF file, a user will unwittingly share his computer's login credentials with an attacker via Google Chrome and the SMB protocol. This technique is not new, but a combination of two different techniques, one taken...
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Ransomware based on leaked NSA tools spreads to dozens of countries | TechCrunch

A ransomware attack seemingly based on leaked NSA hacking tools is spreading like wildfire among unpatched Windows systems worldwide. Early reports suggested it was targeted at the UK’s National Health Service, but it’s clear now that the attack is a global one, with...
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There’s a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now

A ransomware attack is quickly spreading across the globe rendering vital systems inaccessible.Friday morning, the Twitter account MalwareHunterTeam reported ransomware known as WanaCrypt0r (a WannaCry variant) spreading at an alarming rate. “In less than 3 hours...
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3 of 4 Zero-Days Microsoft Patched Yesterday Were Used by Russian Cyberspies

"Microsoft's May 2017 Patch Tuesday, released yesterday, included fixes for three zero-days, which according to ESET and FireEye, were used by cyber-espionage groups operating out of Russia." The three zero-days are CVE-2017-0261, CVE-2017-0262, and CVE-2017-0263....
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Microsoft Bans SHA-1 Certificates in Edge and Internet Explorer

"Starting yesterday, via updates delivered in the May 2017 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft browsers such as Edge and Internet Explorer, have begun flagging websites as insecure if they use SSL/TLS certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm. The move comes after Mozilla...
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It Took Google One Hour to Shut Down Massive Self-Replicating Phishing Campaign

A massive phishing campaign took place today, but Google's security staff was on hand and shut down the attacker's efforts within an hour after users first reported the problem on Reddit. According to multiple reports on Twitter, the attacks first hit journalists,...
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Google Docs users hit with sophisticated phishing attack – The Verge

Don't click that Link! Well this one is okay... Source: Google Docs users hit with sophisticated phishing attack - The Verge
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Intel Fixes 9-Year-Old CPU Flaw That Allows Remote Code Execution

"Intel's security team released a series of patches yesterday that fix a remote code execution (RCE) bug found in the Intel Management Engine (ME)" Read More at Bleeping Computer: Intel Fixes 9-Year-Old CPU Flaw That Allows Remote Code...
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New OSX.Dok malware intercepts web traffic – Malwarebytes Labs

"Most Mac malware tends to be unsophisticated. Although it has some rather unpolished and awkward aspects, a new piece of Mac malware, dubbed OSX.Dok, breaks out of that typical mold." Read more at the link below. Source: New OSX.Dok malware intercepts web traffic -...
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System optimizers turning to Tech Support Scams – Malwarebytes Labs

"A new trend, which was also pointed out in our Q1 cybercrime report, is the combination of PUPs and Tech Support Scams. Most of these PUPs are so-called system optimizers. This is worrying as the damage done by PUPs was limited or we would have marked them as...
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